Elie Street Nursery
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Mission Statement, Aims and Vision

Mission Statement

In Elie Street Nursery where excellence is our goal we provide a welcoming, caring ethos where children, parents and staff are confident, motivated and enjoy learning in an establishment where education is stimulating, exciting and fun.


We aim to:


  • Engage with the wider community to enhance the outcomes for children’s learning.
  • Create a caring environment where parents are involved in children’s learning create an inclusive, healthy, safe and well-resourced environment which provides a stimulus for active learning and play.
  • Provide a consistently high quality of teaching and learning, a well-planned broad based inclusive curriculum for excellence that enables all children to achieve their potential.
  • To provide well timed and skilled interventions which effectively promote children’s creativity, extend their thinking, widen their skills and strengthen their play in learning.
  • To raise the achievement and attainment of all learners by promoting equal opportunities, social justice and inclusive practices.
  • To promote strong nurturing attachments for children in our care and build on prior and continuous learning of our children, within and beyond the setting.
  • To develop our practice and policy in line with the principles and ideals within Children’s Rights.
  • To work in partnership with parents, colleagues in the Learning Community and other agencies to ensure continuity of learning and appropriate support to improve outcomes for children and families.
  • To ensure that the views of all stakeholders are listened to, valued and respected within a climate of consultation, trust and communication.


Our Vision is that children are enabled to develop their potential as:

Successful learners; Confident individuals; Effective contributors; Responsible citizens, within a safe, nurturing, inclusive environment where opportunities to play and learn are provided by professionally competent staff in consultation and collaboration with parents and professionals