Elie Street Nursery
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Medical Information
Administration of Medicines

Children cannot be given medicine in nursery unless by prior agreement in writing.  Prescribed drugs may be given at the discretion of the Head of Nursery.  You must discuss this with the Head of Nursery and fill in forms authorising staff to administer medication.


If your child suffers from asthma you must tell the Head of Nursery if there are any activities or circumstances which are likely to bring on an attack.  An inhaler should be kept in nursery.

If your child becomes ill while at nursery

If your child becomes ill or has an accident while attending the nursery every attempt will be made to inform you.  If it appears that emergency treatment is required your child will be taken to the nearest hospital (Queen Elizabeth University Hospital) and you will be contacted immediately.  It is essential that we are kept up to date with any changes of address, telephone number, place of employment, emergency contact, etc.

Minor accidents and upsets

These will be dealt with on the premises by staff.  All such incidents are recorded and parents informed.



Children should not attend nursery if they are unwell in any obvious way including diarrhoea, fever, coughing spells and untreated infections of the skin. Mild or convalescing infection can still pose an infectious risk.

Please let us know if your child contracts an infectious disease.


Pre School Vision Screen

The government has recommended that all children should have their sight checked to detect poor vision before they start school.  The screening is best carried out between the ages of 4 and 5 years.  Periodically an orthoptist will be available in Elie Street Nursery to carry out the screening in your child’s pre school year.  You will be notified of the date and time of the screening.